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Fire Station construction
Construction of the fire station in San Juan la Laguna mostly complete. The only remaining phase is the apparatus bay. This bay will allow vehicles to be protected from the weather and from equipment theft. This construction project has been warmly supported by the local community. The concrete structure was poured bucket by bucket. Local school children were given the day off from school to each carry a bucket of rocks from the lake shore to the construction site for the concrete mix.

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Transport of donated equipment to Guatemala
We have several donated vehicles and equipment that have been driven to Guatemala by volunteers of the BRAVE Foundation.

Development of EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Training
BRAVE Foundation has been active in creating EMT training Guatemala. Several satellite programs have been started throughout the country. We are currently working on the development of a satellite program in San Juan la Laguna which will support the region around Lake Atitlan.

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Water ambulance transport
Transport from the small communities that surround Lake Atitlan do not have efficient or safe transport to the hospital. By providing a water ambulance program patients are able to save hours of precious time for their needed treatment.

Ongoing need for fuel & maintenance
Often the firefighters who transport patients to the hospital pay for the fuel needed to transport their patients to the hospital.
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